FE Metcalfe Current Status & Response

Updated on 7th January 2021 in response to New National Restrictions from 5th January 2021

We continue to address the complex and evolving challenges created by the coronavirus (COVID-19). Our business remains open and we are able to continue to provide our normal service to clients.

Our top priorities are taking care of our staff by working safely and supporting our clients by continuing to provide you with our usual service. We continue to follow the advice, guidelines and restrictions from Public Health England and the government.

Our Ripon office will remain open. The door is closed so that we can control entry for the safety of our staff and clients. Clients are welcome into the reception area by calling 01765 604 215 or by ringing the bell on the main entrance door.

We have complied with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 in our office. Most of our staff and directors are working in the office with some staff working from home where this can be done effectively. 

All staff remain contactable during their normal working hours on their usual email address, by calling the office phone number or by emailing mail@femetcalfe.co.uk. Phone messages will be taken for staff who are working from home and passed to staff who will then return your call.

In line with current government guidelines, we have made changes to the way in which we work and communicate with you, this includes:

  • Moving to telephone or video conferencing where possible
  • Arranging meetings at alternative locations were the guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19 can be managed
  • Utilising Openspace, our secure platform, for sharing information with you which also allows you to provide us with your electronic records
  • Assisting clients to provide us with your records if you are unable to bring these into the office.

We will continue to monitor and respond to COVID-19, providing you with relevant information and updates as the situation develops. We are using our website www.femetcalfe.co.uk as the primary form of communication for regular updates. Our website has a dedicated COVID-19 page with summary of and links to the latest government measures to support businesses and employers.

Despite the unprecedented challenges to the way that we operate all of us at F E Metcalfe & Co remain committed to ensuring we can continue servicing our clients and looking after the safety of our staff. We are confident that the measures we have in place will help us achieve both of these priorities.

Geraint Evans
Managing Director