Personal taxation

Personal tax advice, planning and compliance is at the core of our business. As a general practice we can offer comprehensive and rounded personal tax advice. We work hard to get to know our clients and understand your circumstances in order that we can reduce your current tax liabilities to the legal minimum and help plan your financial affairs to reduce your future tax liabilities. We do not promote or utilise tax avoidance schemes.

Self Assessment Income Tax Returns

Our personal tax compliance service covers a wide range of clients and circumstances including:

  • Routine completion of straightforward self assessment tax returns to provide you with peace of mind that the tax return has been correctly completed, complies with tax legislation and that you are paying the right amount of tax
  • Completion of repayment claims if you have paid too much tax through your PAYE code or from interest deducted at source (e.g. bank interest)
  • Tax planning for clients whose income is close to the higher rate (40%), additional rate (45%) or £100,000 where the benefit of the personal allowance starts to be lost
  • Tax planning for high net worth individuals aimed at minimising current and future tax liabilities from income, inheritance and capital gains taxes. Advice in this area will include the potential benefits from using Trusts.

We often work closely with other advisors, such as solicitors and financial advisors, to ensure that you are receiving the most comprehensive advice. We also have a network of other advisors that we are able to recommend to you if you do not already have these advisors. We do not receive any commission or payments for introductions so we can make truly independent recommendations.

Capital gains taxation

Capital gains tax is a relatively complex area of taxation that will impact most of our clients at some point in their life. Our experience of dealing with capital gains tax issues can help you plan the disposal of assets to minimise the capital gains tax liability and we can make you are of potential capital gains tax reliefs that you can claim. We find that in many cases our clients want to understand how much capital gains tax they will have to pay before taking the final decision to sell an asset.

We can advise you of the potential capital gains implications before you sell, gift or transfer an asset and then assist you with calculating and reporting the capital gain to H M Revenue & Customs and claiming a capital gains tax reliefs available.

Clients will often need to consider capital gains tax and inheritance tax in conjunction with each other.

Estate Planning

We offer a full review of your Inheritance Tax and estate position with a view to minimising the overall Inheritance Tax liability. We will ensure that you make the best use of all of the available IHT reliefs and allowances.

H M Revenue & Customs Investigations

Being the subject of a tax investigation by the H M Revenue & Customs can be a stressful and worrying experience. Since the onset of personal self-assessment, HMRC staff can now review cases on a ‘sample basis’: consequently your personal return may be selected for investigation at some stage. We have the relevant experience to help you deal with the enquiry.

We are able to communicate directly with HMRC on your behalf, as your appointed tax agents. For most clients this is less stressful that communicating with H M Revenue & Customs directly and it means that we can manage the enquiry process to maximise your prospects of resolving and concluding the enquiry quickly and to your best advantage.

If you are the subject of a H M Revenue & Customs enquiry and you are not a client of F E Metcalfe & Co we would be happy to meet and discuss your circumstances to see if we can assist you with the enquiry.


Our Directors are experienced in providing trust tax advice and can provide a comprehensive tax service to existing and new trusts.

We can support trustees with the preparation of annual trust accounts and self-assessment trust tax returns, advising on the value and timing of trust tax payments and making any tax repayment claims for entitled beneficiaries.

We are able to provide you with advice on the advantages and disadvantages of setting up trusts, including the potential capitals gains tax and inheritance tax savings. We work closely with solicitors and financial advisors to ensure trusts are set up correctly and meet your requirements.

We can provide advice to trustees of existing trusts of the potential tax consequences of changes to the trust or actions that trustees are planning to take.

Require more information?

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